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Publicity. Pre-order campaigns. Giveaways.

Special projects take time, careful planning, and excellent customer service. We have experience managing a variety of publicity initiatives, including mail-outs, press releases + media outreach, pre-order campaigns, and giveaways. Whether you’re a business or independent professional, we’d love to hear more about your special project and discuss how we can help.


publicity: international book club project


the project

We were hired to design a special package for book clubs, source recipients, and fulfill delivery. We designed and ordered a suite of custom branded swag, including a tote bag, discussion guide, and branded paper goods; sourced targeted recipients via social media outreach; and managed and fulfilled delivery of approximately 200 packages.



pre-order campaign

Untitled design-2.png

the project

We worked with a bookstore client to partner with a publisher and author + illustrator team to promote a buzzy picture book and garner pre-order sales. We created a suite of custom graphics, including a web banner and branded Instagram Stories, built a dedicated landing page on the client’s website, promoted the campaign through organic social media content, and provided customer service via the client’s social media platforms.


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