Two Cats Communications


Digital Marketing,
Tailored for You.

More and more, stories are being told and customer relationships are being formed online. For businesses seeking to grow and strengthen relationships with their communities, digital marketing is a necessary branch of effective marketing plans.

But despite some misconceptions—anyone can create a Twitter profile, right?—organically marketing your business online is far more complex than registering accounts and posting every now and then. Creative, results-oriented content development and execution take time and skill.

To top it off, the digital landscape is always changing, with new tools, algorithm changes, and trends developing constantly. To engage your audience and achieve your goals, your business needs a digital manager with the expertise to keep up with the times, seize opportunities, and share your story. As consumers’ first impressions of your business occur more and more on social media, the value of professionally managed, engaging platforms only continues to increase.

That’s where we come in. We’re a boutique digital marketing agency, specializing in organic growth and engagement through strategic planning and creative, high-quality content. We bring new ideas and data-driven strategies to the table to help identify your target audience, develop relationships, and turn consumers into your loyal, engaged customers.

Here’s how we can help you achieve your goals.

+ Social Media Account Management

You know social media is important for your business. You also know that it’s hard to keep up as everything changes, and developing the strategies behind engaging content requires time and skill.

You have a great story. Now, how do you tell it?

Whatever your needs, we’ll begin by developing a goal-oriented strategy—customized for you.

+ Newsletter Management

Email newsletters have long been an effective way to connect with your audience—but with today’s content-saturated inboxes, it’s more important than ever to optimize your mail to garner good engagement and drive action.

From send time to subject lines, we’re here to help raise the bar for your email newsletter.

+ Reputation Management

There’s a saying about review platforms: The customers who use them are either there to rave—or to rant. While those raves are great, the cost of a rant can be devastating. As more and more consumers turn to review platforms to determine their spending decisions, it’s essential for businesses to engage in active customer service on those platforms.

+ Social Media Platform Audit

How can you best harness your social media platforms to connect with interested people and achieve your goals? Get started with a Social Media Platform Audit. Using industry analytics and your platforms’ native insights, we’ll analyze your existing pages, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and create personalized, actionable recommendations to help you organically reach your goals.

+ Copywriting + Blog Management

We are experienced copywriters and editors with past projects ranging from specialized business blogs to full-scale editorial management of a local magazine.

+ À la Carte

We offer à la carte services for businesses seeking strategic, engaging specialty projects, including Instagram grid design, platform jumpstarts, content calendar creation, and more.